STONX U.S.A Neurofunk Release Inbound! || #31

STONX U.S.A RELEASE WHAT!? Well Howdy Pardners! (or something else American sounding) We’re very excited to announce that we’ve got our first release in the big ole U.S.A! Huge love and thankyou to Bad Syntax and Abducted Records! They picked up our collab with Sindicate, ‘Acheron’ which will be releasing on 26.08.2022! This is a…

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STONX-MUSIC has one mission and one mission only, bass, in your face, all the time.

Oliver Barron and James Clarke have been on a two-man music-making mission with their in-house label STONX MUSIC,

The label caters to multiple electronic music genres, with a focus on Drum and Bass with its associated sub-genres.

The reaction so far have been nothing but positive, with the label reaching its first 100k streams on Spotify in the last 12 months and artists showing regular interest in joining their efforts, very little can get in the way of STONX MUSIC

Find them on all major socials, streaming platforms (Facebook/ Instagram / Twitter), download stores (Spotify/ Beatport / Bandcamp), or join their discord and chat to Ollie and James personally, they’re always keen to talk frequencies and transients.